What not to do in the office part 2

Work time distractions are all around us, especially with the immense accessibility of the Internet. The World Wide Web has been a growing force over the past 30 years, giving easy access to all kinds of information and distractions. Though, weren’t workers distracted in the office before the Internet? The truth is, there are all kinds of ways to be distracted without surfing the net. Here are 3 sources of work-distraction that have nothing to do with the Internet (as well as a few tips on how to avoid them).

The Water Cooler

    Businesses with a strong work culture generally produce more productive workers. It’s important to get along with the people you work with and it’s important for your office to foster those kinds of relationships. However, it’s important to make sure that interpersonal relationships do not affect your work in a negative way. It’s a good idea to plan company social events once a week; this allows ample time for socializing and prevents spending too much work time focused on non-work related issues.


    Every computer, be it PC or Mac, comes with standard games pre installed to the hard drive. Games like Minesweeper, Solitaire or even Chess are great ways to become distracted from your work. We’ve all opened one of these simple games with the intention of playing for just a few minutes only to find that those minutes have turned into hours. The best course of action? Erase the games all together. Let’s be honest, you never really had that much fun with them anyway.


One of the oldest ways to distract yourself from work is to daydream. This is hard to combat because we don’t’ necessarily intend to daydream. If our work is boring or if we are having difficulty focusing, then it’s easy to slip into a daydream without even noticing. If you find yourself staring out your office window often, try making a few simple lifestyle changes in order to help increase your focus. Try getting more sleep or eating foods low in processed sugars.

Staying focused in the office can be a challenge. Even without the Internet, there are still many distractions all around us. Consider these tips to help maintain and increase your ability to pay attention during working hours and don’t forget, 90% of productivity is focus!

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