Unbelievable Tech Lawsuits of the Last Decade

We learn about people filing lawsuits against companies and individuals frequently and it’s usually very serious news. The tech industry is no stranger to this, but occasionally we will hear about a lawsuit that tickles the funny bone. The following list of a few of the most interesting lawsuits in the tech industry over the past decade is unbelievable.

Pentium Allergy? – In 2002, a Dutch woman filed a lawsuit against Intel because she said she got hives from her Pentium processor. However, the 486-base processor did not have a similar affect on her. The case never went to court. I assume no one was “itching” to take it.

Google Leads a Woman into Danger? – In 2009, a women sued Google for giving her bad walking directions. The woman was hit by a car after following Google Maps walking directions onto a dark narrow highway without pedestrian paths. A judge dismissed the case and Google “dodged” the lawsuit.

Star Wars Galaxies Killed by Sony! – In 2010, angry fans of Star Wars Galaxies filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony for shutting down this online game. The MMORPG had had a steadily decreasing subscribership for several years.  I guess the “force” was not strong enough to sustain the game, the fans, or the case.

Woman sues man over a failed Mafia Wars romance – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. After investing thousands of dollars on game credits and gifts for her boyfriend on Mafia Wars, the woman sued the man for the money spent when their romance finished. Her romance and her case are now sleeping with the fishes.

I hope these unbelievable tech lawsuits made you smile. If you have heard of any more, please share them with us by leaving a comment here or on one of our other social media accounts! 

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