The Connectivity of Devices

You have likely read a lot about the world becoming increasingly connected. We don’t only mean with people but within our own lives as well. Having our devices more connected makes life simpler. Device connectivity can prevent you from interrupting your work, for instance, by transferring a document you are working on at home to your smartphone you can work on it during your commute using a voice transcription app. Microsoft has an interesting take on the future of connectivity, click here to see a video of their vision. This may not be very far off and it begs the question: what apps, devices, or combination of the two will help create a future such as this? Here are a few which I have found.


Comcast recently unveiled its home energy management and surveillance product called iControl. This robust product permits people to adjust the temperature of their homes, turn lights on and off, and monitor their homes through video. iControl software plus Comcast broadband along with additional hardware and apps allow customers to have full control over their home environments.

Air Sharing

This app for the iPad enables you to use your iPad or iPhone as an external hard drive for your computer. Having the ability to easily access and transfer your documents allows for more mobility in your workday.


The AirPlay function from Apple lets you stream music, videos, and photos wirelessly to an Apple TV. Picture yourself enjoying a podcast while in the car then coming home and effortlessly transferring the audio to your home without a pause to continue enjoying it.

I see a future filled with gadgets, apps, and software that work harmoniously to make our day-to-day lives flow with ease. Connectivity does not just mean that we are linked to the rest of the world but that all aspects of our lives are connected together so that our technology can execute tasks one step ahead of us. If this means less waiting, I’m all for it…are you?

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