>Save Your Data – Crush a Hard Drive


Ever wonder what happens to your computer once you throw it away? Chances are it ends up in a landfill, possibly in the third world. Or, if you donate it to a charity, it might get put back on the shelf for resale. Or maybe it goes somewhere else.

Except that the data on your computer might get sold or recycled along with it.

How do you make sure that your data is safe, even after you’ve donated it to a worthy cause? Let Servcom USA recycle your PC for you. Your computer will be cleaned, refurbished, and either recycled safely or transferred to a non-profit organization in the area.

We will make sure your hard drive is wiped clean and overwritten with random data. We use industry-standard software and procedures to make sure your data is gone, and that it will not be recovered.

And if that isn’t enough for you, then let us crush your hard drive.

Crushing a drive ensures that the plates are warped or broken beyond repair. Broken plates can’t be read by anybody – they are as dead as can be.

Here are a few images of our smashed drives.

By the way, our hard drive crushing meets the compliance standards of various industries. That means that you can recycle computers, even if they come from a HIPAA- or SOX-compliant environment.

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