Measure Results, Not Hours, to Improve Work Efficiency –

Here’s a great article that summarizes how Servcom USA approaches measuring our own employee’s productivity.

Measure Results, Not Hours, to Improve Work Efficiency –

“Firms that bill by the hour are not alone in emphasizing hours over results. For a study published most recently in 2010, three researchers, led by Kimberly D. Elsbach, a professor at the University of California, Davis, interviewed 39 corporate managers about their perceptions of their employees. The managers viewed employees who were seen at the office during business hours as highly “dependable” and “reliable.” Employees who came in over the weekend or stayed late in the evening were seen as “committed” and “dedicated” to their work.


There is an obvious solution here: Instead of counting the hours you work, judge your success by the results you produce.”

Read the entire article for an interesting perspective on measuring efficiency.

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