>It’s Here!

>Windows 7 launched yesterday. And by now you’ve probably seen it on store shelves, or at least heard about it in the news.

We have been using Windows 7 for a while now and we love it. All of our adopters have raved about the time savings, impressive new features, and ease-of-use.

Even people who have never liked Vista are getting on board. A good friend of mine, and long-time Linux user, installed Windows 7 on his system this week. I showed him a few features and he swears he’s never going back.

So, in honor of the new Windows 7, we’re going to be bringing you a series of videos showing you the new features that will make you want to upgrade.

Today’s feature is actually my favorite: fast boot times. If you use a laptop, you’ll notice a tremendous difference in start-up time over Vista and XP. This is true if you close the lid and put the system to sleep, or if you shut it down completely. My boot times are less than 30 seconds, and it takes between 2-6 seconds to wake my laptop up from sleep.

Look for more videos, coming soon!

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