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It’s October, and that means Microsoft is about to release a major upgrade to Windows Desktops. And I want to make sure that all of our clients know about this.

Windows 7 is big. It’s huge. And it’s a great product.

In fact, Windows 7 is so great that I’ll be arranging preview demonstrations for interested clients. We will bring live systems to your office so you can see exactly what Windows 7 can do for your business.

Already know everything you need to know about Windows 7? Arrange for a trial installation on your network. Let us install Windows 7 on a computer in your network to test it out!

If you are interested in either a preview or trial installation, send us an email or fill out a request on our new Contact Page.

Windows 7 will improve your relationship with your computer dramatically. I’ve upgraded both of my systems to Windows 7 and I’m thrilled with it! The upgrade has made me both more productive and happier with my computer. Here are a few ways I’m working faster with just an upgrade to Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 starts fast. Getting to a login screen takes less than 45 seconds on one of my system, and under 15 seconds on the other. If I open the laptops from sleep mode, I’m up and running in about 5-7 seconds.
  • Windows 7 runs fast. Applications load quickly and the entire computer responds to commands much faster than Vista. This is the same computer that chugged along before – no hardware upgrades at all! No more waiting for Office to open a document or IE to load a web page. That’s valuable time I’m now working instead of waiting.
  • Shortcuts help me access information and programs quickly. There is a slew of new shortcuts and features that help me run the programs I want quickly. I do less work with my mouse and more work with my keyboard. It may only save me seconds on any task, but all that time adds up to hours in a month.
  • Searching is better, faster, and more accurate. I carefully organize and store all my information manually. But accessing documents doesn’t have to be as time consuming. I just type in what I’m looking for and the document is right there, ready to open and edit. No more hunting across folders, looking on servers, or trying to remember where I saved something. Again, less time looking, more time doing.
  • Libraries organize information for me. Even better than the improved search, Windows 7 includes a new feature called libraries. Libraries collect documents, pictures, or other types of files from your computer and your file shares and display them in groups. Searching for a specific picture? Open the picture library to see all pictures by date, image type, even by author. I can even search in a specific library (documents, for example) to only retrieve the types of files I am looking for. Again, the time I’m saving pulling up information means more time for doing real work.
  • My desktop is organized better. Windows 7 includes a number of enhancements for displaying information on screen. If you need to compare information between two documents, or to copy and paste information between two programs, the new Windows display features make it simple and easy to show the information that I need quickly.

There’s a lot more that I could say here. How about the window preview feature? Or the enhanced driver support? The enhanced software compatibility? The fact that it just looks better?

When it comes down to it, we know you want to see what Windows 7 can do for you. So let us demo it for you today. Click here to submit a demo or installation request.

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