Are Computer Tablets Worth it?

Though still a young technology, computer tablets have become one of the most popular items in the tech world since the introduction of the iPad. As the industry has grown, so have the options, with tablets being offered by Microsoft, Android and Motorola.  However, popularity doesn’t always equal practicality. The iPad may one day be viewed as an antiquated technology, much in the same way we currently see the Atari 2600. When making the decision to buy a tablet, make sure to first consider the pros and cons. 


  • Tablets are incredibly portable devices. Being able to remotely connect with your work is becoming a necessity as businesses grows more integrated with cloud computing. As a rule of thumb, the more accessible you are, the better. 
  • Tablets are very practical tools. As developers continue to design new business apps that improve over time, there will be a growing amount of potential work uses for tablets. 
  • Tablets communicate ability. Successfully employing a computer tablet as a work tool will let your clients know that you mean business. Taking notes on a tablet during a meeting could increase others’ confidence in your abilities. 


  • Tablets aren’t a necessity. There are currently few functions a tablet can complete that a desktop or laptop cannot. Before you decide on a tablet, consider if it is a needed business tool or a wanted luxury. 
  • Tablets can be very distracting. Because tablets are crossover devices between business and consumer, they have the opportunity to become overpriced toys. Presently, there are far more leisure-related apps than there are work-related apps.  
  • Tablets are still very new. For this reason, a tablet’s price is still high in comparison to its function. If you aren’t sure that a computer tablet fits your needs now, wait a year to see how prices fluctuate. You might find the same machine at a much lower price. 

Computer tablets are often very useful tools, though at the same time they can function as nothing more than very expensive toys. Depending on your needs, a tablet could be the perfect fit, but make sure to weigh the pros and cons prior to making a final decision. If you are interested in reading further, please read over this article.

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