3 office adjustments that will boost productivity

No matter where you work or what you do, you know how easy it is to get off task every once in a while. Although there is no way to entirely eliminate distractions, there are several small things you can do to improve productivity overall.

Keep a clean office

Clutter can quickly lead to increased stress and decreased productivity. Keeping a neat office and encouraging your employees to clean their workspaces are great ways to instantly boost productivity. Getting rid of the distraction of a messy office is a simple way to help your employees focus.

Increase the temperature

A few degrees can make a substantial difference in productivity. In fact, in one study, increasing the temperature from 68 to 77 degrees reduced typos by 44% and increased typing output by 150% – those figures are nothing to sneeze at. Even though your heating bill will increase, it might be worth the expense.

Lighten up

One study demonstrated that brighter offices can make a vast difference in employee productivity. Employees who worked in windowed offices spent 15% more time staying on task than those working in windowless offices.

This trick is excellent not only because it’s a productivity booster, but also because it can cut down on your electricity bill by using natural light as opposed to buzzing fluorescents. With those benefits, there’s really no reason not to open your blinds and place employees near windows whenever possible.

These straightforward office adjustments are extremely easy to make and can make a huge difference in the amount of work that is accomplished.

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