Updates for Hurricane Sandy: Potential Impacts

For our clients who use hosting services through us, here are a list of products and services and the potential impact Sandy might have on your services:
– Office 365 Customers – no major outages or service interruptions expected
– Website Hosting – Delaware data center is ready to stay online during the entire storm, other data centers won’t be affected directly
– Business Umbrella Devices – all Gen1 devices (purchased prior to 1/1/2012) and Gen2 devices (contracts signed on or after 1/1/2012) should operate normally; we expect offsite backups to continue uninterrupted during the storm

LifeSaver 24×7 Network Monitoring services should be unaffected for all clients outside the storm’s path.

If your organization is in the path of the storm, please be aware:

  • If you have an on-premises mail server, inbound mail will bounce if your server is not on to accept it.
  • Other equipment such as modems, routers and switches should be turned off and unplugged if they are not protected by surge protectors.
  • If equipment is in areas that could likely receive water damage, it should be raised off the floor to prevent permanent damage to the hardware.

Please be aware that as outages hit the Northeast, we may experience delays getting systems up and running in other areas. This is not a technical issue, but represents the priority that locations directly hit by Sandy will be receiving in the operations centers over the next 72 hours. Our priority will remain to get data operations up and running as quickly as possible for all our clients.

Please be safe!

{Edit: Added information about LifeSaver and some new information about protecting equipment.}

Training Day – October 26th

In order to continue improving our services, Servcom USA will be conducting a training day for our technicians and employees on Friday, October 26th. Please be aware that our technicians will be limited in their availability to respond to non-emergency service calls during regular business hours. As always, please call our office to report service disruptions, or go online to our Client Access Portal and submit a ticket.