>Training Day

>In order to continue improving our services, Servcom USA will be conducting a training day for our technicians and employees on Monday, May 10th.

Please be aware that our technicians will be limited in their availability to respond to non-emergency service calls during regular business hours. As always, please call our office to report service disruptions, or go online to our Client Access Portal and submit a ticket.

>Service Disruption


Our technicians will be upgrading our network infrastructure on Friday, April 2nd from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm.

These changes will result in a more efficient network and improved performance for our LifeSaver monitoring platform.

During this window, the LifeSaver Monitoring platform and the remote support link on the website may be unavailable. If you cannot login or contact us for remote support, please try again after 30 minutes.

Thank you and have a Happy Easter!