>Windows 7 Upgrades from Dell


Many of our clients bought Dell computers with a Windows 7 upgrade option in the past 90 days. We are now receiving the upgrade discs and are ready to being performing the system ugprades.

Upgrades are priced as follows:

  • $199 for all clients without an agreement
  • Just 1.5 Hours under your Block Hours agreement
  • Free for all Managed Services clients!

All prices are per-computer, include the Windows 7 upgrade, driver upgrades, and a system compatibility assessment.

Not sure whether your system qualifies for an upgrade? Grab your system tag number and call our office. We’ll be able to assist you in determining whether your new Dell computer qualifies. (We can also help you find your system tag.)

>Shawn’s Favorite Windows 7 Feature

>Today’s Windows 7 favorite feature comes from Shawn, our Shop technician. Shawn works with all the systems that come into our shop. He’s the one who has to whip reformatted systems into shape before they get delivered. He’s also the technician who sees the most problems with incompatible hardware.

Windows 7 introduces an exciting new feature that enables complete compatibility for programs and devices that worked in XP, but may have not worked under Vista. Don’t worry about replacing that old database or scanner – Windows 7’s new compatibility features allow you to install and run the application on your new desktop or laptop, without any hassles or troubleshooting.

Check out this video:

Thanks to ZDNet for putting up this walk-through.