>Servcom USA’s Reclamation Services


With all of the holiday excitement this time of year, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your office. Or about how much computer equipment you might be discarding over the next year. But take a second and consider whether you will be replacing any computers, printers, servers, or network equipment any time in the foreseeable future. What are you going to do about all those leftovers?

Just like the leftover trimmings from your holiday meal, you probably don’t want to let your computer and network equipment sit in your trash can for weeks or rot outside your office’s back door. You’ll throw out your kitchen waste immediately and be done with it, but what are you going to do with those old desktops?

Call Servcom USA! We now offer reclamation services. Don’t wait six months for the next community recycling day. Save yourself the time and gas driving that equipment to the dump. Let Servcom USA collect and recycle your computer equipment, printers, monitors, and networking equipment.

Did you know your computer monitor could have 3 or more pounds of lead in it? That your computer contains mercury, arsenic, gold, rubidium, and other heavy metals? Improper disposal means that those metals could leach into our soils and watersheds, poisoning our rivers and lakes. If incinerated, these metals enter the atmosphere, where they can contribute to smog and respiratory diseases in people. However, with proper recycling, all of this waste material can be reused and recaptured, preventing environmental damage or contamination. At Servcom USA, we will ensure that all collected equipment is either:

  1. refurbished and donated to another organization, or
  2. recycled appropriately.

With a quick phone call, you can get rid of that equipment in your storage closet, save yourself hours of lugging equipment to the dump, and help the environment! Give us a call today at (803) 329-2867 and ask about recycling your old computer equipment.